Friday, July 30, 2010

La Rural

Yesterday, Zoë and I went to La Exposición Rural, a huge event going on in the city right now. You can read about it in English here.

We picked the perfect day to go, lots of sun, unlike today which is extremely gray and rainy! Here are some photos:

Me with cows (and, in a gesture of unintentional cruelty, showing off my new leather bag):
Zoë identifying with the cows:

It's a clone !!!!

Sheep-show. Note the awesome uniforms, including berets!

Judging the sheep:

I tried to take a pic of this mega-adorable baby lamb:


Look at that TAIL:

Pobrecito :(

Livestock: a spectator's sport.

Zoë con queso :)

This last one requires a closer look: it's a chinchilla sleeping IN A JAR. Don't worry, it's alive, it can get out, I think it just likes it in there...that's how all the chinchillas were!

Cinco más

1) Proof that this is me and I am here: me in a tree in the park near the apartment.

2) Some of Vassar, plus others from the program, in a park near the orientation site. Note my cameo appearance in shadow-form. The hilarity of this photo can be explained by #3.

3) OH.

4) A view from inside my bus. It is usually packed, so this was a rare photo-op. I've been taking the bus to and from orientation every day. Public transportation is really good here, and busses are everywhere, 24/7.

5) The fancy building downtown where our orientation takes place:

As it is not always safe or convenient for me to take out my camera, I do not have un montón de fotos yet (another reason to read my blog: learn Spanish bit by bit as I spontaneously blurt it out!), but these should give those who were curious a good sense of my daily life so far.

Let me know if there is anything you would like to see or know more about! As I learn more, I plan to blog a bit about Argentine politics (a complex and heated subject!) and the theater/art world. For realzies leave some comments so this blog doesn't turn into me just rambling. (Example comment: "Izzy: Your use of the phrase 'for realzies' makes me laugh/lose all respect for you/love you to the max.")


Coming soon: cows, films, and boliches. (What a strange word-trio! What could this possibly mean?! This blog is SO SUSPENSEFUL)

Word of the day: el boliche - n. Argentine word for discotheque. Which is a French word, because English isn't cool enough to come up with its own.

Las primeras fotos!!

Cute cups and saucers in the kitchen. We actually drink our tea out of huge round mugs with cows on them :)

Beloved Kaira, modeling in the kitchen:

One corner of my room. Note my earrings in the handy-dandy earring-thingy:

Shoes for my Argentina-feet:

Watching Love Actually on tv (an educational experience when I read the subtitles!)

Two contemporary Argentinean novels I bought. I've started Crímenes imperceptibles, it is quite good. Also please note (and be jealous of) the clouds and rainbows on my bedspread.

Kaira is surprised to be interrupted my my creepo Uglydoll in the middle of her catnap:

Also: I totally O.D.'d on empanadas during the first week. They are SO GOOD. I documented all of them:

More pictures coming in just a moment!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Mi Vida Porteña

I think it took me a few days to fully realize where I was. 16 hours of travel to a completely new environment can be a little disorienting. But now I’m well past the initial daze, and I feel incredibly lucky to be here. I hope five months will be enough!

To explain my situation a bit, for clarity’s sake:

1) I’ve had orientation at IFSA (the study abroad program) for most of the day every weekday. Learning about the city, practicing Spanish, preparing for classes, etc. It’s been nice getting to know the other Americans – we are about 150 total, including 6 Vassar-folk :)

2) I live with a WONDERFUL host family. THE BEST. Mother, 21-year-old sister, and adorable, adoring cat.

3) Classes start next Monday: I’ll be taking 5 classes, most of which will be at local universities with Argentinean students. I plan to continue studying drama while here: Buenos Aires has an incredibly active theater scene.

I can already feel that my Spanish – especially my ability to understand – has improved considerably. The road to fluency is paved with humiliation, but it can be a fun ride if you let it be. (Oh, how I amuse myself with my wisdom)

At first, I was easily identified as being from the States everywhere I went, but now I guess I’ve acquired some sort of Argentinean essence, because I’ve been asked for directions – by Argentineans – several times. Sometimes I’ve even been able to answer! I’ve also started drinking tea multiple times a day, and eating dinner around 10 pm – the schedule here was made for me.

Pictures coming SO SOON (as soon as I can get them to upload...blegh)



El Principio

After ten days in beautiful BsAs, I'm finally starting my much-hyped blog!

I plan to use this as a way to share what I’ve been up to down here, a public diary or mass-e-mail of sorts. I plan to update about once a week. I’ll post some pictures, although since this is a public medium, expect to find most of my pictures on facebook.

Feel free to leave comments! Ask questions! Make suggestions! Let me know you’re reading!


Word of the day: el porteño / la porteña – n. A person from Buenos Aires.