Saturday, November 6, 2010

Cosas buenísimas

LOOK, a new post!!
Mafalda & me in San Telmo :)

To those of you who check this blog regularly for updates, I’m sorry that lately you’ve been confronted again and again with the article about Kirschner’s death. The week and a half since have been quite unique: his passing seemed to both unite and divide the nation, and definitely made people think and reflect about both their personal political views and the future of Argentine politics as a whole. Now, though, the high emotions seem to be winding down, and things are returning to normal.

Because of the official mourning period, a lot of events in the city were cancelled, which means I haven’t been to the theater in ages, and this past week was (relatively speaking) academically heavy for me. But here I am, posting again!

I ended October on a very homesick note – Halloween hit me with nostalgia and made me feel very far away from my family, my childhood, and my culture (an odd feeling, because I tend to dismiss the idea of being connected to “American culture,” or even the notion that it exists in the first place.) But here we are in November, and I’m feeling positive all around! The weather is beautiful, and lots of good things are happening now and in the near future. I’ll share some with you:

1) As of yesterday, I’m a real resident of Argentina! I can stay here through January if I like, says the Government. I’m not going to, though, but now I have a piece of paper that lets me leave the country if I want to and makes my grades real instead of pretend.

2) After escaping from the delightful place that is migraciones, I turned in the final fruits of my labor to USal! That means that, aside from a few more sessions of Castellano Mantenimiento, I’m on SUMMER VACATION, BABY.

3) On Wednesday, a bunch of U.S. gals and I are heading to Puerto Madryn! I’ve felt the urge to leave la Capital for a while, and I’ve wanted to go to Patagonia ever since it first occurred to me it was more than just a brand name.

4) My 21st BIRTHDAY is NINE DAYS FROM NOW. The celebration plans are lining up. Lots of classy fun. I can't wait!

5) My parents and little sis are coming to visit in two weeks!! I can’t wait to see them after all this time, and I’m really excited to play tour guide!

6) I also have a camera again. AGAIN. I’m hoping it will last at the very least just a bit longer than the last one did so I can successfully capture the bizarre, the beautiful, and the ordinary from my last month-and-a-half on this side of the equator.

A blogpost without photos is like a s’more without the chocolate (how’s that for some American culture?), so here’s a couple from our census-day picnic:

Note the PB & J.

Just look at all those beautiful yanquis! Everything was closed that day, so we stayed outside for hours. I got a super unfortunate facial sunburn that is finally mostly gone.

Also, we found yummy Armenian food on Halloween:

Okay, that’s it for now.

Stay tuned!



P.S. I think word-of-the-day is coming to a halt. It's not that I've stopped learning lunfardo, it's just that the words I'm learning are less bloggable these until further notice, that's over.

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